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In Leave the Office Earlier, Leave the Office EarlierLaura shows you how you CAN get more done than you ever thought possible and still get home to your real life sooner.

The New York Times calls Leave the Office Earlier, "...the best of the bunch."

The Library Journal, New York, NY named Leave the Office Earlier one of the "Best Business Books 2004"...

Order this indispensable tool for the overworked and time challenged at and receive 20% off its retail price.

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Feature Article

Journalists feature National "Leave the Office Earlier" day in publications across the U.S.!

Be more productive, go home on time. Boston Globe - Boston, MA, USA.
... founder of the Colorado consulting firm, Productivity Pro, wanted to get across when she dubbed June 2 as the launch of National Leave the Office Earlier Day. ...

Imagine leaving the office on time each day. - Denver, CO, USA.
The "Productivity Pro," otherwise known as Laura Stack, says most of us don't use our work time efficiently. She says most people ...

Today's the day: Cut out early. Minneapolis Star Tribune (subscription) - MN, USA.
That would be just fine with productivity expert Laura Stack, who has proclaimed today to be National Leave the Office Earlier Day. ...

No way out of work daze. Chicago Tribune - Chicago, IL, USA.
By Barbara Rose. Thursday is national "Leave the Office Earlier Day," but do not expect to find seas of empty desks at quitting time. ...

Planning ahead key to leaving office early. Jackson Clarion Ledger - Jackson, MS, USA.
... According to the e-mail, Laura Stack "a best-selling author and a leading authority on productivity and workplace issues," designated Thursday as National ...

Longer workdays don't equate to doing better work. Rochester Democrat and Chronicle - Rochester, NY, USA.
... This Thursday, however, Laura Stack —author and national workplace consultant based in Colorado—wants more workers to do what Morgenstern did that day. ...

Off Limits. Westword - Denver, CO, USA.
... Limits wholeheartedly endorse the first-ever National Leave the Office Earlier Day, created by Denver resident Laura Stack, president of the Productivity Pro.

People@work: 'Leave earlier' to boost productivity, happiness. The Journal - Westchester, NY, USA.
... She calls her initiative "Leave the Office Earlier Day.". "The eight-hour workday remains a myth to many working Americans," Stack says. ...

Workers should take time off, not 'give it back'. Buffalo News - Buffalo, NY, USA.
... Laura Stack, author and president of Productivity Pro, a consulting firm, has declared June 2 national "Leave the Office Earlier Day."...

Productivity author's tip: Leave work a bit earlier. Arizona Republic - Phoenix, AZ, USA.
"You can get your life back," said Stack, a productivity expert in Denver and author of Leave the Office Earlier (Broadway, 2004, $12.95). ...

Eight isn't enough in today's jobs. Arizona Daily Star - Tucson, AZ, USA.
By Barbara Rose. CHICAGO - Today is national "Leave the Office Earlier Day," but do not expect to find seas of empty desks at quitting time. ...

It's not that I'm lazy: Today, cutting work early's advised. Greensboro News Record - Greensboro, NC, USA.
By Donald W. Patterson, Staff Writer. There's only one thing wrong with National Leave the Office Earlier Day, scheduled for today. ...

Morning Briefing. News & Observer - Raleigh, NC, USA.
... Today is national "Leave the Office Earlier Day." It was deemed so by author and "productivity pro" Laura Stack to help workers see how much more productive ...

Make it a productive day!

© Copyright 2005 Laura Stack, MBA, CSP. All rights reserved.

This article may be reprinted provided the following credit line is present: "Laura M. Stack, MBA, CSP, is "The Productivity Pro"® and the author of Leave the Office Earlier. She presents keynotes and seminars on time management, information overload, and personal productivity. Contact her at 303-471-7401 or [email protected]."

Hot Links

Bully boss issue comes out of the closet. San Antonio Express (subscription) - San Antonio, TX, USA. Other major expenses incurred by businesses with bullies are created by lost productivity and high employee turnover.

CIGNA HealthCare `Steps Up' Their 10,000 Steps-a-Day Walking ...
Yahoo News (press release) - USA
For example, benefits to employers include: enhanced employee productivity, improved health care costs, decreased rates of illness and injuries and reduced ...

Ask the Productivity Pro® Your Burning Question

What is the most frustrating productivity challenge you experience at work? What keeps you at work late? What is the biggest waste of your time? What is the #1 thing that negatively impacts your productivity?

Ask Laura your question and it and Laura's response may be featured in an upcoming newsletter.

Letters to the Editor

Dina, Lisa, Ben -

I have just finished a book, "Leave the Office Earlier," by Laura Stack, that collects more good practical advice between two covers than I've ever seen before.

The title is misleading. It should have been called "How to Succeed in Life by Using Time Effectively."

You may recall us, years ago, watching the marvelous seminar by William Oncken, Jr, called "Managing Management Time." I reviewed it repeatedly, and believe it had a big impact on whatever success I've had. However, where Oncken would spend an hour discussing an important point, Stack presents it in a paragraph. I mention this to tell you there's an astonishing amount of wisdom in her book, but you have to stay alert to catch it.

I was personally pleased to see I've long followed many of her recommendations. But not all of them, not even close, and some—as on ways to ensure you'll never forget anything at work—will make me even more organized and effective. (Now that I'm near the end of my working life!)

This is not a book full of tips. It's a book full of wisdom. The author is brilliant, both in what she says and how she says it.

And as much as I love you, my children, and want you to succeed, I won't buy the book for you, as much as I want to. If I did, it would sit on your shelf gathering dust. (Like the other books I've been excited about and sent you?) No, I've finally figured out that advice not asked for is advice not taken. So you'll have to invest some effort looking for the book and money of your own buying it. You might not do it, you might never achieve as much in life as you could have, but the blame will be on your shoulders, not mine.

The friends and fellow warrant officers in the CC block are others I want to see succeed.

As I said, I've just finished the book. Now I'm going to read it again, this time with a highlighter.

— Pop

Laura Stack: The Productivity Pro (r)
Laura Stack, MBA, CSP
Message from Laura

Here's a great idea for a Father's Day present! One of my stories, "The Camping Trip," is featured in the newly released Chicken Soup for the Father and Daughter Soul, which details the fun I had as a little girl camping with my father in the Rocky Mountains. The book is available in bookstores everywhere, or you can get your copy at a discount on my Web site (product code 60). Here are some words of wisdom for Dads wanting to get the most of our their relationship with their daughters...

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Words of Wisdom

I have made this letter longer than usual because I lack the time to make it shorter.
Blaise Pascal

Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time.
Steven Wright

Time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so.
Douglas Adams

This time, like all times, is a very good one, if we but know what to do with it.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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© 2005 Laura Stack, MBA, CSP. All rights reserved.

Portions of this newsletter may be reprinted in your organization or association newsletter, provided the following credit line is present:

"Laura M. Stack, MBA, CSP, is "The Productivity PRO!, helping people leave the office earlier, with less stress, and more to show for it. She presents keynotes and seminars on time management, information overload, and personal productivity. Contact Laura at 303-471-7401 or Laura@